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Why spam appears

For the recent several years, Internet activities are being increased in geometrical progression. According to some data, this growth even gets closer to the exponential form. Commercially active part of Internet users is becoming more and more numerous. That provides new opportunities for business development. The growth of Internet activities means new opportunities and perspectives for businessmen from the whole world. Currently, Your suggestions are becoming accessible in the whole world. This opportunity brings not only positive moments and economic consolidation. Besides the companies decently conducting their business, this opportunity is also traced by some impostors and the people misusing Internet opportunities. Spam technologies are one of such shameful and negative manifestations of misusing network resources and their opportunities.

Our anti-spam activities

Our company always supports legal Internet activities. Nevertheless, our company is totally against using spam technologies in any of their manifestations. For using any type of spam, not limited only to the types mentioned below, as well as for using spam technologies in all their manifestations both against one individual and against a group of people, specifically for using:

We do not tolerate spam

In addition to blocking, the data of invested funds and the funds themselves shall be deleted on the account of such a user, as well as the data on referrals invited by him/her and accrued deposit interest. Such a user is deprived of the possibility to cooperate with xTreme Investment and to use its services indefinitely.
We take care of the business reputation of our company and using spam technologies is absolutely unacceptable for us. We support the policy of non-proliferation of spam technologies and make every effort to implement this policy, encouraging and obliging each client to adhere to the non-proliferation policy for spam technologies in all their manifestations.

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